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This is the official memorial website for the former Taoiseach, Charles J. Haughey, which has been established with the consent of his family. It is a work in progress and is intended to provide factual information on his career in public life and on his considerable contribution and achievements over many decades.

: Beaumont Hospital: Planned and commissioned in record four years

When Charles J. Haughey became Minister for Health in 1977 he was keenly aware of the need for a new acute general hospital on the Northside of Dublin.

A site for this hospital had already been identified and the land was acquired from the Mercy Sisters in Beaumont.

Rather than engage more architects to design a new hospital, which would involve a considerable amount of time and expense, Mr. Haughey decided to utilise the existing plans used for the construction of the Cork University Hospital (Wilton) in the early 70's. This brilliant and inspired decision ensured that the hospital was built without any undue delay. The total cost of the hospital was 53m.

Beaumont Hospital is one of the largest acute general hospitals in Ireland. When it was first built it remained closed for a number of years because of an ideological dispute between the then Labour Minister for Health, Barry Desmond T.D., and the hospital consultants. In 1987 Mr. Haughey as the newly elected Taoiseach and his Minister for Health, Dr. Rory O'Hanlon, formally welcomed the first patients to the hospital following the closure and transfer to Beaumont of two city centre hospitals - the Charitable Infirmary in Jervis Street and St. Laurence's (the Richmond).